Chief Patron


Law Professional having 22 years of experience in handling legal cases.

Appearing and settling various cases like litigation and non litigation Cases, Property Matters, Consumer Cases, Matrimonial Cases, Excise Cases, Customs Matters, Criminal Cases, Intellectual Property, Insurance, Estates, Insurance Claims, Works men Compensation, Family Law, Arbitration, Business Litigation, Collection Creditors, Copyright, Diverse and Domestic Diverse, Domestic Relation etc. Many reputed Companies are our clients.   We focus on staying current with the legal system using effective knowledge and experience gained in legal practice. We believe that services based on proficiency, effectiveness and performance is strength of our success.

Taking care of every single lawful issue and funding frameworks and legitimate practices to secure the best advantages of the association and furthermore in charge of heading the firm, handling cases i.e. Civil, Property, Property Law, Deeds & Documentation, Matrimonial, N.I.Act, Mines, and Minerals, Special laws, etc.